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Women are dumping their mascara wands for no clumps, no smudges, hypoallergenic, waterproof, 24/7 glamorous eyes which are safe for the contact lenses and allergies. Ladies, extensions are a glamor must!

For those who remember the traditional false eyelashes, you will be wowed by the technology change. Traditional false eyelashes are usually made with a strip or with multiple lashes knotted together and are applied directly on to the eyelid using adhesive formulas that dry hard on the eyelid and lashes–a source of major discomfort to the wearer.

In Hollywood, the new lash extensions cost upwards of $500 and the service for eyelashes runs $200-350–here in Chicago. Touch ups are recommended every two weeks to replace lost lashes and will usually run $50-up.

100% natural looking:
Thicker at the base, tapered at the tip Lengthens (three different sizes 6, 8, 9,10, and 12, and up to 16mm  for a custom effect) Thickens your own lashes Waterproof Smudge proof Weightless No Clumping  can Last up to 3.5 weeks-before refill touch-up lash session.

After a thorough consultation where we explain the procedure and benefits of the eye lash extensions, we bring you into a treatment room. Here you will relax on a table, with a bolster under your knees for complete body support and relaxation. Once your eye make up is removed and your bottom lashes protected, you are ready to receive the extensions. Each individual lash is dipped in a bonding agent and applied to a natural individual lash. Great care is taken to avoid skin contact. On average, each eye will require between 25-55 new lashes, depending on the desired look. The entire procedure takes about 60-90 minutes and is very relaxing. You emerge with a revitalized, uplift look to your eyes.

After Care: To get the most out of your lashes, you need to follow some simple instructions. The first 24-48 hours are crucial to the bonding procedure, so:

  1. No water should contact eyelashes for 12 hours.
  2. No steaming, swimming or washing your face with hot water for 48 hours.
  3. Emollients, creams, and oils are the eye lash bonding agent’s worst enemy.
  4. Use eye creams sparingly and avoid lid/lash. Do not use mascara or mascara remover.
  5. You don’t need it and it shortens the life of the extension. ( Max 2 mascara is the only safe mascara for extensions-ask Olivia for details.)
  6. Do not use an eye lash curler. It will break the eye lashes and/or crease them.
  7. It is safe to use a heated eyelash curler.
  8. Do not rub lashes when washing your face–pat dry after cleansing.
  9. Do not pull on eyelashes. The bond on the extensions is so strong that it will pull your own eyelash out along with the new ones.


Question & Answer

How long will my lashes last?
With proper care, your lash extension will last as long as your own lash. The life cycle of natural lashes is about 10 to 12 weeks. In order for us to successfully bond a lash to your own lash however; we must target a lash that is long enough to support the length of the extension. Typically these lashes are about 5 to 6 weeks old and are close to full maturity. This leaves you with about 5 to 6 weeks of wear before the last lash falls off. Since your own lashes fall off at different intervals, your extensions will slowly be shed off with the natural lash over the 5 to 6 week period. Because of this, touch ups are recommended about every 2- 3.5 weeks to maintain the fullness of lush lashes.

How thick will they make my lashes?

Typically a full set of lash extensions will thicken your own lashes about 30 to 50%. If you are use to wearing the strip or flair extensions, you will find that this technology is not as thickening as the old technology. It is designed to give you a more natural look.

How long will they make my lashes?

On average, the extensions can make your lashes anywhere from 20% to 50% longer then your own lashes. We can extend them out as long as 75%, but find that they don’t last more then a week.

What do I have to do to keep them up?
Although some people get eyelash extensions for a special occasion or vacation, most love the look so much, that they want to maintain it. This requires touch ups on a two week basis to replace lost lashes. After several touch ups, your technician may suggest a new set, to keep the lashes looking fresh and new.

How soon before and event should I have them done?
We suggest 2 days to 5 days before that special event or vacation. This insures accurate curing time for the bonding agent (which can take up to 48 hours) and the freshest possible look for the lashes.

Can I use Mascara on my extensions?
You will not need to use mascara with these extensions. For those dye hard fans the answer is “It is not recommended.” Most mascaras are petroleum based, will break down the bonding agent of the extensions, and dramatically shorten their lives. Because your bottom lashes touch your top lashes when the eye is closed, we recommend not using your normal mascara on your bottom lashes as well. The only mascara that works well with your extensions is “Max 2 mascara the red tube with the diamond on top.” This mascara is not petroleum based and will not break down the extension’s bonding agent. Retails this particular mascara for $27.00 check my retail store for more details.

After two refill applications, your extensions will be thick, clumpy and dull. The only way to fix them is to remove them and start a new.

What about eye liner?
Avoid waxy/creamy pencils and stick to powder/brush combinations. Again this product is safe for the extensions because they are not petroleum based and will not break down the bonding agent.

Can I use my cleanser to remove my make up?
Because Cleansers are usually very emollient, we don’t recommend that you use it for the eye and forehead area. Instead we recommend that you use a non-oily makeup remover. We love “LashCare Makeup Dissolver” ($20)  It will do a great job of removing all your makeup and not strip the skin of its natural oils. It is oil free and silicone free and works like a charm. It is a necessity for extensions. We recommend that you switch to the makeup dissolver for removing makeup from the entire face for the duration of the extensions. Lash Care Gentle wash eye-make remove  is the best for lash extensions.- Now sold in my aftercare kits.

Will these extensions pull my own eyelashes off?
If you pull on your extensions or rough house them too much, your eyelash will come off with the extension. Not to worry however, your lashes will grow back without any problems. The best thing to do is to treat your lashes with respect and be gentle with them. The gentler you are the longer they will last.

I sleep on my stomach. Will this affect my lashes?
If you sleep on your stomach, sleep with a pillow or blanket over your head, cover your eyes with sleeping mask, the longevity of your lashes will be greatly diminished. Side sleepers will notice that the eye that is on the side they sleep on will loose lashes a bit more than the side that is up.  My new Save my Lash Extensions Pillow is in. It retails for $42.00 and is now in my retail store. It is amazing to save your lashes during sleep.

Can I still use lash growth serums or lash medications with my extensions?

Yes, we love Lashfood Eyelash Conditioner – It’s all natural with herb extracts and it is safe to use with lash extensions as well. You, will see longer and thicker lashes in as little as two weeks. ”Lashfood Sensitive user conditioner is save for eyebrows as well.”

All products listed are sold at the Chicago Lash lounge.


Eyelash Extension Misconceptions
Questions have been raised on occasion in the media regarding the effects of eyelash extensions on natural lashes. Unfortunately many of the reports have not included complete facts and in depth information.

1. PROPERLY APPLIED eyelash extensions do not cause damage to natural lashes. Situations where damage has or can be done to the natural lashes are typically caused by one of the following unfortunate scenarios:

2. UNQUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS applying semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Lavish Lashes™ believes it is irresponsible to sell eyelash extension products without requiring training. The application process, which requires the use of a strong bonding and long lasting adhesive and sharp tweezers near the eye area, is very meticulous. Only under the supervision of a well qualified Certified Trainer can a student learn how to properly position their hands, pick up the lash extension, isolate a single natural lash, and apply the lash extension safely and beautifully. In fact, a qualified trainer is trained to work with each individual’s specific needs to help him or her overcome weaknesses and use strengths. Even proper posture and table height is assessed.

Trained Lash Stylists often see the work of an unqualified professional first hand and must repair the damage that has been done to the client.

Before done at another salon, and after Olivia's work

Before done at another salon on left, and after Olivia's work on right

3. FLARES AND ‘INDIVIDUAL’ LASHES applied as shortcuts. Flares, Clusters and W-lashes , or individuals these attached groups of 3-8 blunt-end lashes, often with a knot at the end. These types of lash enhancements are designed to be applied to the skin using temporary lash adhesive for short term wearing. It has become known that some technicians are taking these lash groups and using a semi-permanent eyelash extension adhesive to adhere flares and individuals directly to natural lashes. Of course applying lashes in bundles like this will take significantly less time to apply to achieve a full look than a single lash by lash application, however this is an unhealthy method for natural lashes.

Clumping lashes in need of repair

Clumping lashes in need of repair

These bundled lashes are far too heavy for a single natural lash to support. If applied to one natural lash they can break the natural lash and inhibit future re-growth. Alternately, if they are applied to multiple natural lashes to properly support their heavy weight, multiple natural lashes will be adhered together. Since natural lashes grow at different rates the flares will cause faster growing natural lashes to prematurely pull out slower growing lashes from the root because they are bonded together. This can result in permanent damage and lash baldness if done repeatedly.

*Please if booking flairs or individuals, clusters -wear them for special events only .It is not safe if worn for a daily or longer wear.  ( 1-3  day wear only). They are way to heavy to wear long term like real lash extensions. Book for special events only. I see clients daily who lost lashes and had major damage happen from wearing flairs -individuals lashes long term.

4. CHEAP WORK. Beware of getting your lashes done at nail salon that do arcylic nails -the fumes from that procedure are harmful with anyone working on your eyes! Nail shops tend to do eyelashes dangerously – not padding the eyes , using nail glue or  hair weaving bond glue- I fix lashes daily from ladies going to these types of nail shops to get eyelashes- they will pull your lashes out. Please seek professionals only with lash training certification only.